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CALL NOW: 800-325-5780 or CLICK PAY NOW
to place your  $100 deposit for August 26-29 2023!

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Limited to 60 attendees!
ALL meals, 3 NIGHT'S Lodging, Boat Launch-Landing-Docking, BAIT & ICE Included!

Your path to better Walleye Fishing is a click away!

Vermilion Dam Lodge Summer Walleye Workshop 2023
Kay Hawley and Brad Juaire
August 26-29
, 2023

The Vermilion Dam Lodge (VDL) Summer Walleye Workshop focuses on techniques for catching walleye while they are in their late summer patterns.  The schedule includes guest speakers, evening seminars, time on the water, and an opportunity to try techniques discussed at the workshop and in your boat.  You will meet other ardent fishermen and learn techniques to help you become a better angler. You will learn in a few days skills and tactics that might otherwise take you a lifetime!

Presenters Kay Hawley and Brad Juaire, make an AWESOME team. They are both passionate anglers, have educator/presenter backgrounds, love sharing what they know with others, and are myopic about using late summer patterns to catch TROPHY walleye!


They will sequentially cover a plethora of topics… What are your strengths and weaknesses as an angler? Do you understand the seasonal behavior of walleye? What is the structure of the lake you are fishing? What about water temperature? Water clarity? Wind direction? Presentation? 

One of the most successful techniques for catching “BIG" walleye is trolling open water with crank-baits. Brad Juaire, is re-known for his "On-Water Trolling Clinics'. Brad will cover trolling rods, line counter reels, braid and lead core lines, planer boards, rod holders, crank-baits, depth control, crank-bait profile, color, speed, trolling patterns, etc. Brad and Kay aspire to be your teacher or coach rather than a guide to catching fish.

Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or experienced angler, you will enjoy the experience of networking with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts while spending time on the water with Brad, Kay, or one of the “All-Star” teams on one of the most beautiful, scenic, and picturesque lakes in the world.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Last year’s Fall Walleye School sold out early. We anticipate the “new” Summer Walleye Workshop will fill early, too.

Questions? Call Ed at 800-325-5780. Feel free to email Brad= or Kay=

“I’ve had the privilege of taking Brad’s “Open Water Trolling” seminar. It was some of the best money I ever spent, Anglers… do yourself a favor and don’t miss this opportunity to attend the VDL Summer Walleye Workshop!” John Stemper

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