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2023 Walleye Workshop Review

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Your path to better Walleye Fishing is a click away!

Vermilion Dam Lodge Summer Walleye Workshop 2023
Kay Hawley and Brad Juaire
August 26-29
, 2023

The Vermilion Dam Lodge (VDL) Summer Walleye Workshop will focus on techniques for catching walleyes while they’re in their late summer patterns.  The schedule includes guest speakers, evening seminars, hands-on teaching while fishing, and an opportunity to try techniques discussed at the workshop while fishing in your boat. You will meet other passionate anglers and learn late summer techniques to help you catch more walleye. The goal is to help you learn in a few days late summer walleye fishing skills and tactics that might otherwise take you a lifetime.

Presenters Kay Hawley and Brad Juaire make an awesome team. They’re both avid anglers, possess educator/presenter backgrounds, love sharing what they know with others, and are passionate about using late summer patterns to catch trophy walleye!


One of the most successful techniques for catching walleyes during the late summer is trolling the open basins with deep diving crankbaits. Brad Juaire, is renowned for his "Open Water Trolling Clinics” and his website is This unique on-the-water, instructor-led session focuses on teaching anglers how to catch walleyes while trolling crankbaits in open basins but more importantly, they learn how to do it themselves so they can be successful in future outings.

Brad will cover a plethora of topics including:
•    How to scout and locate late summer walleyes that are suspended within the water column feeding on baitfish (e.g. tullibees)
•    How to successfully troll crankbaits in the open basins and target walleyes without any structure
•    How to maximize and properly use your trolling equipment
•    Understanding the 4 keys to success while trolling (depth, crankbait profiles, crankbait colors and speed)
•    How to put together predictable and repeatable late summer walleye patterns
"Structure fishing”, another technique for catching late summer walleye, involves finding underwater structures that hold fish. Kay Hawley has been a student of structure fishing for decades and was significantly influenced by Buck Perry, who is widely regarded as the father of structure fishing. Perry believed that the "home of big fish was in deep water".

Some topics Kay will cover during the workshop include:
•    How to develop a late summer walleye game plan before heading out on the water.
•    How to study maps and identify deep water walleye locations including drop-offs, humps, ledges, and transitions.
•    How to maximize late summer live bait presentations.
•    How to master your electronics and stay up-to-date with the latest advances in technologies.
•    How to be patient, persistent and not be afraid to experiment with different techniques/locations until you find

Brad and Kay aspire to be your teacher or coach rather than just a regular fishing guide. Their goal is to help you replicate what you learn during the workshop so you can be successful in your boat. Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or experienced angler, you will enjoy the experience of networking with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts while spending time on the water with Brad, Kay, or one of the guides on their team on one of the most beautiful, scenic, and picturesque lakes in the world - Lake Vermillion!

Don’t miss this opportunity. Last year’s Fall Walleye School sold out early, don't delay... register today!

Questions? Email Brad= or Kay=

“I’ve had the privilege of taking Brad’s “Open Water Trolling” seminar. It was some of the best money I ever spent, Anglers… do yourself a favor and don’t miss this opportunity to attend the VDL Summer Walleye Workshop!” --John Stemper

Meet The Summer Workshop Staff


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Tina Herbert
Brad Juaire

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Kevin Hines

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Shawn Novak

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Jamie Srnsky

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Kay Hawley

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