About Lake Vermillion

Lake Vermilion is well known as one of the most scenic lakes in the country. Here is some more interesting info about Lake Vermilion:
  • Vermilion takes its name from the translation of the Ojibway word "Onamuni", meaning "Lake of the Sunset Glow."
  • Lake Vermilion is almost completely surrounded by the Superior National Forest.

  • Water from Lake Vermilion flows north into Hudson Bay. There are several rivers and creeks feeding Lake Vermilion, but the only outflow is the Vermilion River. The deepest spot in the lake is 76'.
  • Lake Vermilion is 40,557 acres in size. At 290 miles, Lake Vermilion has the longest shoreline of any lake in Minnesota.
  • There are 365 islands in Lake Vermilion - one for every day of the year! During the boating season, the lake is well marked with numbered buoys and channel markers.Lake Vermilion usually begins to freeze by mid-November. Ice out has occurred as early as April 2 in 2012 and as late as May 23 in 1950.
  • Average ice-out date is April 29. In winter, the local snowmobile clubs mark safe color coded snowmobile trails across the lake. Maps are posted at several entry points. Ice fishing usually begins in December and lasts until the ice houses are required to be removed from the lake in March.
Avid anglers can explore seemingly endless miles of reefs, sunken islands, drop-offs and underwater structures for walleyes, muskies, smallmouth, and largemouth bass, northern pike, crappies, and bluegills. The many protected bays and inlets along the 1,200 miles of shoreline and among the 365 islands provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

More than 40,000 acres of sky-blue waters invite you to experience days of unmatched natural displays. Wildlife sightings, breath-taking scenery, and fabulous sunsets abound. Sandy beaches, water-skiing, canoeing, cruising, and sailing also entertain guests on Lake Vermilion.

The Department of Natural Resources maintains a walleye hatchery on Lake Vermilion from which most northern Minnesota lakes are stocked. The DNR has been stocking Vermilion since 1969. In recent years, more than 33 million walleye have been returned to the lake annually. That, combined with "catch and release" practices, assures memorable vacations for anglers.

Our location next to the dam provides some of the hottest smallmouth action on the lake. Walleyes are caught all summer just minutes from the resort. For muskie fisherman, our location provides a central location to cover both the east and west basins of Lake Vermilion.

If you want variety in where you fish, we have access to a boat on nearby Wolf Lake, which is full of walleyes and big smallmouth bass. We also have boats on the Vermilion River, where you can fish for northern pike, bass, and panfish.