Damage Protection Plan

Policy on damage to Boat Rentals :   

 The customer renting a boat is totally financially responsible for any damage that occurs to the boat, motor or equipment during the rental period.  Every boat rental requires review, acceptance and signing or our Boat Rental Agreement with an option to take out a Damage Protection Plan.  We recommend prior to your stay check with your insurance agent and see if you have coverage.  Our experience with our customers that have incurred rental boat damage is very few Insurance companies offer coverage from a homeowners or personal owned boat policy to cover damage to a rental boat.  

Lake Vermilion is a Canadian Shield Lake which includes a lot of rock structures ( Islands, reefs, shorelines, and points).  The St. Louis County Sheriff’s department provides marking of the lake’s main navigation routes to help people safely travel the lake.   Contacting a rock structure can inflect considerable damage to the Boat’s Hull and or Outboard lower unit assembly.  The costs to repair can run into the thousands of dollars.      

Our resort has established several measures to help our guests avoid damage and keep them safe when traveling the lake : 

1. Prior to the customer taking out a rental boat will receive instruction from our staff on the Boat’s operation, use of the Boat’s equipment, and review of a Lake Map and explanation how the lake is marked for obstructions.

2. Access to a boating navigation safety video that was made for Vermilion:

3. At a customer’s requests we will send a staff member out on the lake with that customer in the boat they are renting the boat to provide hands on demonstration of the boat’s proper operation.   

4. Many of our boats are equipped with GPS /Depth finders that provide aid in navigation when traveling the lake. If a boat is not equipped with GPS at the customer’s request will provide a map of the lake.    

 Our resort offers an option to purchase a Damage Protection Plan for damages they might incurred during a rental period. This plan is designed to limit the amount a customer would be financially responsible for in the event of major damage. This plan only pertains to damage of the boat , motor and equipment.  This Plan does not cover any personal injury or Liability coverage.  This plan can be purchased prior to a guest arrival or at the time of boat rental pick up.

How the Damage protection Plan works

 Plan includes a fee for the plan and a maximum out of pocket. Customer pays the fee and damage costs up to the out of pocket max for ‘any’ damage.  


Customer without protection plan…renting a 115 hp boat…accidently hits a rock and incurs $3000 in damages to the boats’ outboard.  That customer would be immediately financially responsible to pay all $3000 of the damages (parts, labor, and materials) 

Customer who purchases protection plan prior to renting the boat...  That customer would be financially responsible for the protection plan fee of $175 plus $1200 (max out of pocket)   Total of $1375